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Aaliyah started dancing as a little girl, but found that she loved other sports more than dancing. Little Athletics and Netball took up most of her time, so by the age of 10 Aaliyah stopped dancing. Until she discovered Physie.

In July 2014 Aaliyah attended her first Physie class, and just one month later entered her first Physie competition. From then on she was hooked!

"I've always been very competitive and believe that hard work and dedication is the way to see results. I was determined to be able to do the splits, so along with regularly practicing my routines I stretched every day. I made my first Zone Final as a 14 year old in my second year of Physie. I qualified for Repechage in Sydney which gave me even more motivation to work hard. I believe that when you put in the practice, eventually the results will come."

2020 was Aaliyah's 7th year of Physie, and her first as a BjP Associate. Aaliyah started assisting Karen with our Under 5s NorthStars class and found that she really enjoyed helping them learn the basics of the sport she loves so much.


Aaliyah is currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. 

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