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Starting Physie at the age of 7 and continuing on until about 17, Kylie was lucky enough to compete at National level and place 4th at the Opera House.

After a break of nearly 18 years Kylie then decided to return to the sport she loved so much, and share it with her 3 beautiful daughters Drew, Abbie and Madison.

"Returning to Physie at 33 was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I returned to a lot of familiar faces that I competed against as a child, and it was wonderful to see most of the ladies now enjoying the sport with their daughters."

In 2017 after 6 years as a BJP Associate teaching with another club, Kylie decided it was time to take her passion for Physie to the next level and open her own Physie club.

"I just love that Mums, Daughters and even Nans can all do Physie together. It is wonderful to be able to give girls the opportunity to dance with their friends. But what I love most is seeing how much each girls self-confidence develops throughout the year."

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